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Shoot and Kill Osama Bin Laden Flash Game

May 8, 2011

Since the biggest terrorist in world is dead now you can kill him too! Please don’t play too much I think it’s a little addicted :S Below is a short video from the game. The game is very simple (flash game) but you can kill him and share your score by comment on this site πŸ™‚

Shoot and Kill Osama Bin Laden Flash Game


OBJECTIVE: It’s very simple. Shoot and kill the biggest terrorist in world!

CONTROLS: Move mouse to aim and click left mouse to shoot bin laden’s face

Shoot and Kill Osama Bin Laden Flash Game Download…

Warning: Don’t play too much!!!


From → Osama Game

  1. My score is 10540 Ahahahaha. give me a cookie please :D:D:D

    • Since “obamas” asked… Yes I will make this game realy hot xDDDD

      At the end of June, the one who make the best score will earn a prize. After that I will delete the link to the game and disable the download because I realy think this is highly addicted :p

      So lets make this game the most played in this month ahaha. You have one month to share this with your friends. You can do that with the twitter button or share it on facebook. You can do that by clicking the button below the post.

      Till now the most scored is “obamas”… Ah I forgot I need to be sure the score is true πŸ˜› You can email me with a screen shot of points that shows at end of the game. Email me to . I will check the email one day before the end of June and post the winner here so make sure you remember and check this site…

      Let’s kill the biggest terrorist in world ( I know he’s already died but I like to kill him everyday, its calm me down ehehe)

      PS: I forgot to tell the prize… hmm.. hmmmm… it can be an amazon vouche – 100$ AMAZON GIFT CARD :))))

      Have fun and remember to share it with your friends now because I will delete the game at the end of june.

  2. lolz permalink

    I realy like felling of kill him… thats not bad right???

    The best score was 7600.

  3. kate johnson permalink

    I cant do more than 5000 points…

  4. suzy permalink

    Hey I like the game but I still dont belive on him dead…

  5. john permalink

    nice game!!! thanks for posting… I got 2412 so far πŸ˜€

  6. martha permalink

    i got 542…

  7. jessica permalink

    i like this game!!! thanks.

    my score was 1245.

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